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KATU Afternoon Live with Kara

Kim has been fortunate to be a monthly guest delivering parenting segments on KATU’s AM Northwest with host Helen Raptis.

On the air since 1976, AM Northwest features the personalities and hot topics of interest to residents of the Northwest.

Kim has also joined a newer show on KATU called Afternoon Live co-hosted by Tra’Renee Chambers and Kara Mack to help parents navigate their parenting journey.

Why Children Misbehave

Setting Limits & Sticking to Them

What’s It Really Mean When Your Child Misbehaves?

How to Balance Your Kids’ Screen Time

Connect Before You Correct

Who’s the Boss?

Effective Parenting Tactics

Substance Free Kids (Ages 3-11)

Substance Free Kids (Ages 12-18)

Raising Self-Disciplined Kids

Signs Your Child is a Bully

Praise Junkies

Encouragement Feast

5 Love Languages for Your Kids

Homework without Hassles

The Bubble List

Allowance 101

Tips to Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores

Connection before Correction

Good Morning!

Holiday Gimmies

Easy Ways to be Present for Your Children

How to Raise a Strong-Willed Child

How to be a Good Sport Parent

For Parents: How to Set Limits and Stick to Them

How to Stop Helicopter Parenting

Co-Parenting Through Divorce & Separation

How to Survive this Summer with your Kids

How to be Smart about our Kids & Their Smart Phones

Homework without Hassles

How to Ease Your Kids Fears

Raising Self-Disciplined Children

Encouragement Feasts

Parenting: Connection before Correction

Understanding the Ages & Stages of Children

Are You Raising a Bully?

Help for Helicopter Parents

GEMs and Why Kids Need Them

For Parents: Put the “Good” Back into “Good Morning!”

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