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Master the Art of Kind AND Firm Parenting: 5 Positive Phrases to Try

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By Kim DeMarchi

Some parents are kind, but not firm. Other parents are firm, but not kind. Still other parents vacillate between two extremes—at times being overly permissive and at others being overly authoritarian and dominating.

The key to effective parenting? […]

“I Love Me!” 10 Ways to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

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By Kim DeMarchi

“How can I give my child self-esteem?”

In my family coaching practice, this is the one question that I hear more than any other. For asking about self-esteem, these parents should be applauded: After all, they want their […]

Encouragement Feasts! A Great Idea to Give Love to the People You Love

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No matter what holidays your family celebrates, they usually involve a lot of family togetherness…and a lot of feasting.  But love, connection, and gratitude don’t have to be limited to  holidays—and there’s no need to spend days making pies […]

How Do You Resolve Problem Behaviors? Ask Your Kids These Questions

By | 2017-10-20T07:55:23-08:00 April 18th, 2017|Categories: Positive Parenting Articles|Tags: , |

When a child does something “wrong”—pushing her brother, for instance, or sneaking off to eat a piece of candy that you said she couldn’t have—how do you respond? Many parents immediately turn to consequences by sending kids to their […]

Here’s a Powerful Parenting Mantra: Before You Correct, Connect

By | 2017-10-20T07:56:08-08:00 April 14th, 2017|Categories: Positive Parenting Articles|Tags: , |

When your child misbehaves, how do you react? Do you get angry and criticize? Do you immediately think about punishment? There’s a better way that will make everyone feel a lot better and also yields better results: Before you […]

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