5 Week Parenting Class

5 Week Parenting Class 2019-05-18T12:24:29-08:00

Enhance your parenting skills through this interactive, powerful and practical 10-hour course that teaches effective strategies to redirect your child’s behavior, from toddlers to teens, using a positive approach to parenting.

You’ll learn how to:

• Identify the four principles of why children misbehave and what to do about it
• Minimize misbehavior on the front end
• Replace “time-outs” and teach self-calming skills
• Apply natural and logical consequences and learn to be solution focused
• Resolve conflicts without arguing, threatening or power struggles
• Minimize sibling rivalry and promote sibling relationships
• Decrease yelling, nagging, coaxing, threats and bribes
• And much more!

This course is available to both individuals and groups upon request.

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Put simply, this course changed our lives. Using the techniques we learned in this class brings us closer to our child and each other on a daily basis. It has improved our communication in every aspect of our lives, including professionally. This course is a must for every parent!

Ron and Felicity Vignone

As an attorney I am logical and persuasive. I could not imagine what a parenting course could possibly provide but my wife convinced me to join her. We have 2 year old twins. The methods and insight I gained during this course have been invaluable. They have improved communication with respect to my work, our marriage and will no doubt pay off for a lifetime of raising our children. I encourage every parent to take this course.

Christopher Arvin, Esq

As two busy professionals my husband and I cannot thank Kim and Melanie enough for opening the time bank to maximize our enjoyment with our kids in the time we have available. I highly recommend this course.

Monique Lafia

RCB has revolutionized the art of parenting. The techniques really work. I now have the tools to get the results I always hoped for. Kim and Melanie are fabulous. Every Parent can benefit from this course!

Nan Summerfield

It is hard to believe how spending merely a few hours can produce such impressive results. Kim and Melanie provided a toolbox of skills in a fun and interactive way which have immensely enhanced my relationship with my toddlers. The value of this course is priceless.

Shari Evans

I signed up with a friend; after I completed the course I convinced my husband to sign up for the next course. The information is fantastic… this course is a must!

Lara Fishman