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To share her passion with the community, Kim has written several articles in monthly parenting columns for two Oregon newspapers.

Tualatin Life and Tigard Life are local publications, direct mailed to all homes, apartments and businesses in 97062 every month. Kim’s hope is that readers pull out a golden nugget of information to help them make their parenting journey a little smoother along the way.

Positive Discipline, by Jane Nelsen, has been transformative in Kim’s life with her own children, as well as in her teaching opportunities. She pulls from her training with Jane and other great leaders in the Parent Education arena, making special note of the following books and authors:

  • Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen
  • Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World by H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen
  • How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
  • Siblings without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
  • Children the Challenge by Rudolph Dreikurs
  • Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman
  • Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Laura Markham

Building Strong Families Through Resilience Strategies

Prevention through Education and Parenting Part 2: Ages 12-18

Prevention through Education and Parenting Part 1: Ages 3-11

Give the Gift of PAUSE

Testing & Tantrums & Tears, Oh My!

Parenting with the End in Mind

Raising Optimistic Kids in Pessimistic Times

Parenting and Self Care

Be an Awesome Sports Parent

Putting the Good back in Good Morning!

Navigating Technology in a Screen Obsessed World Part 2 of 2

Navigating Technology in a Screen Obsessed World Part 1 of 2

Your Child’s Self Esteem

How to Create Calm through Connection and Communication

GEMS and Why Kids Need Them

Your Child’s Emotional Bank Account

Connection Before Correction

Setting Limits and Sticking to Them

Parenting your Strong Willed Child

Why Have Family Meetings?

Transitioning Back to School

How to Talk to your Kids about Scary Events in our World

Summer Survival with the Kids

Co-Parent Successfully

The Best Four Letter Word in Parenting – WAIT

Feeling Stoppers and Feeling Encouragers

The Art of Avoiding Power Struggles

Raising Self-Disciplined Children

Feast On THIS!

Stop Telling and Start Asking ~ How to Use Curiosity Questions

The Five Love Languages Part 2 of 2

The Five Love Languages Part 1 of 2

Beyond Being a Bystander: Teach Your Child How to be an Upstander

Are You Raising a Bully?

Are you a Helicopter Parent?

Is there FUN in your Family?

Road to Responsibility

Take Time for Training


The Power of Understanding

How to be a Great Sports Parent for your Young Athlete

Smart Parent’s Guide to Smart Phones

Take the Chore out of Chores

Have you made your Bubble List?

Messages We Give Children

Saying “No” Respectfully

What is your Parenting Style?

Moving Beyond “Good Job, Good Work!”: Praise vs. Encouragement

Minimizing Sibling Rivalry and Maximize the Relationship

Help! My Children are Fighting! (AGAIN!)

Has Someone Been Dethroned?

Understanding Ages and Stages

The Importance of “And” in Kind and Firm Parenting

The Power of PAUSE

Handling the Holiday Gimmies

You Take Care of your Childen…Who Takes Care of You?

Quality vs. Quantity: Spending Time with your Children

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