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What People Are Saying About Kim

“On behalf of the YPO Thailand members, I would like to thank Kim for giving us an excellent workshop on parenting and the spousal relationship. The knowledge, techniques and mindsets that we have learned from her class will forever be the important resources that will help us be better parents for our children and help us build a warm and loving relationship with our spouse. I highly recommend this course.

~ Att Thongtang, Education Chair, YPO Thailand Chapter
CEO Phyathai Hospital Group and Paolo Hospital Group

Kim’s coaching is life changing and a must for anyone who is in a relationship, and not just for parents. It was mind blowing to see her work her magic on my son immediately. He started eating by himself, and going up to take a bath by being asked only once, and doing what he was told within a day of being with Kim, all with just a touch of loving kindness. Her approach is simple and effective and highly recommended!

~ Pranapda Phornprapha, Chairman of Paroshoot Group, Thailand

Kim DeMarchi is an Amazing Parenting Coach, Educator and Woman. I was first introduced to Kim when she spoke to my Moms group, MOPS. Her talks were always engaging, relatable and life changing because I always saw myself and my children/family in her examples and could take her tips/advice home to apply to life THAT DAY! She was the only speaker that was consistently asked back each year for multiple talks because the Moms LOVED her SO MUCH! I felt immediately drawn to Kim and connected to her so when I heard that she tutored children in reading one on one I hired her to tutor both of my children and she was AMAZING with both of them. I always look forward to hearing Kim, knowing that she provides SO MUCH VALUE to Parents and Life!

Shawna Davis, Registered Nurse

“I am so grateful to Kim for opening up our minds to a whole new way of parenting our child. How to give them freedom within boundaries so as to nurture independent kids who make good decisions. She has equipped us with lots of new tools that really do work. Kim is an amazing teacher and explains the theories and concepts very clearly and concisely. She patiently acts out the different possible scenarios with you to really drive the message home. I liked her so much I flew her over to Asia to teach in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia!!”

~ Su-Lyn Tay, Singapore

“When I went through my divorce, I was very concerned about the effect that it would have on my children. I took a parenting course from Kim, with my exhusband, to help us co-parent effectively. Kim’s insight, empathy and practical tools were exactly what I was hoping for. I was so impressed by her that I signed up for her teacher training course!”

~ Jennifer Poole, Relationship and Family Coach

Kim is incredible! I often find myself talking to other moms and saying “What I learned from Kim…” and every time someone will say, “that is brilliant”. She is not only the best parenting coach with sound advice, but she is nonjudgmental, compassionate, and caring. I highly recommend her.”

~ Heidi Wallace, Director of Clinical Services Hazelden, Part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation



Empowered is the best way to describe how I felt after taking Kim’s parenting class. The tools acquired helped immensely as we transitioned from having two to three very young children. Years later, the tools built into this parenting style continue to prove helpful in nurturing relationships, improving family dynamics and adding joy in our lives.”

~ Megan Magula, Registered Nurse

“My husband was at his wits end with our 4 year old son. He had lost his patience one too many times. One Saturday afternoon I came home from running errands and he said to me “I need help. Parenting is the most difficult thing that I’ve ever done and I don’t know what I’m doing.” I jumped into action right away…the fact that he asked for help was a big deal. A quick Google search led me to Kim DeMarchi, she was very responsive, understanding and helpful. She also lived in my neighborhood, coincidentally. We started communicating and not long after, my husband and I were signed up for one of her awesome parenting classes. The class itself was inspiring, informative, interesting and fun too! Kim is amazing at what she does…a true professional and expert in her field. It was also enlightening to commiserate with other parents. It felt good to know that we were not alone in our frustrations/fears…in fact we were in VERY good company. We felt a true sense of community in those classes. We were all parents…just trying to do the job better…for the love of our children. I wholeheartedly recommend Kim DeMarchi to everyone I know…and even people that I don’t. I’m so confident in her abilities and gifts that I would not think twice about sharing her information. I also fully anticipate my husband and I taking a refresher course in the near future. The class really brought us together and made us not only stronger, more capable parents…but better partners to each other. I will forever be grateful for the tools that she gave us.”

~ Kimberley Andress, Senior Branch Administrator, Edward Jones

“Kim has helped navigate countless road blocks over the past 7 years. I will call her in a panic or “wound up” about something happening with the kids and she will completely redirect my thinking and approach. Some of my best conversations with my kids were born out of Kim’s wise advice. Kim approaches parenting from a positive, empowered and empathetic place. These are all values I would like to instill in my children and living by example is a great start. At the end of the day, I am a better communicator and closer to my kids as a result of my work with Kim. She has helped me navigate the windy road of parenthood over the years. I have told a dozen friends and family members about Kim over the year. She has enriched my life and I hope other families will receive “the gift of Kim!”

~ Kimi, Producer

“As a pediatric sensory integration certified occupational therapist, I have worked with children for 28 years in assessment and treatment and as the Director in a development and learning center. In the last ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a colleague with Kim DeMarchi supporting children’s development and learning. I highly recommend Kim’s ability to work with both children directly, as a teacher and as a support, for the development of a child’s social emotional system and learning system, as well as a team player and support for parents and educators, empowering both development of the whole child in the whole family.”

~ Melissa Idelson, Director and Founder of Child Success Center, Sensory Integration Certified Occupational Therapist

Kim has been a gift to our family! We met Kim when our first son was around 3 years and have had the pleasure of working with her for the past 5 years. She has given us guidance, kindness and support when we were feeling hopeless. We both took her 5 week class and felt it significantly changed our parenting style. Positive Discipline has given us the tools to parent as a team in a calm, respectful and loving way. There is no doubt we have grown stronger as parents and a family with her help. Our son has also developed a very special bond with Kim. He trusts, respects and opens up to her. To witness your child feeling safe and happy is priceless. We can’t stress how thankful we are to have found Kim and to have her help. We have been successful because of her! We cannot rave about Kim enough.”

~ Sarah and Nick Barsotti, Nurse and IT Engineer