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Welcome to Empowered Parenting

Children are an infinite source of delight, yet can be tremendously challenging.

As a Certified Parent Educator and Family Coach, Kim invites you to learn strategies to overcome 
these challenges from infants to teens.

Is Empowered Parenting for You?

Dad and son

Would you send your child to a school where the teachers 
are not educated?

We demand that those who teach our children have the 
expertise to do so.

There is no licensing or educational requirement to parent children. Yet, as parents and caretakers, we are “expected to know” 
how to teach the most important lessons in life!

Empowered Parenting offers courses, workshops, and support 
for parents and all caregivers to provide the expertise 
to teach children these lessons.

Do You Recognize One of These Children?

A toddler who demands your attention.

A child who whines.

A child who responds, “No” or “You can’t make me.”

A child who gets into power struggles.

Siblings who fight.

A teenager who challenges authority.

If you answered “YES”, 

Empowered Parenting is for You!

Kim’s goal for you is to help reduce conflict, foster mutual respect, and create deeper communication and connections with your loved ones.

Kim offers you a unique opportunity to become the best parent you can be!

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